centrifugal casting


The centrifugal casting process describes a special casting pocess for the production of mostly cylindrical cast parts. In a rotation process tubes and sockets in various sizes, can be produced with the hepl of molds. Simply by measurig the amount of liquid metal and the action of centrifugal force, no core is required for centrifugal casting. Thewall thickness is determined by the amount of metal added.

Large parts

Bushings and bearings
Rings and plates
Bushings and bearings

Bushings and bearings

Main bushings and packing gland with 3 cylinder liners

Standard bushings
FM 1850 x1781 x 780 mm + 210 mm height

Cylinder liner
1347 / 1275 x 1100 mm lg

Gz- CuSn7 Zn4 Pb 7


Bronze segment for cement mill

FM 3000 x 1235 x 435 mm

Processed material:
Gz – CuSn 12


Rings and plates

Rings and plates

End cap for pressure vessel

520 mm, 58 mm thick

G-CuAl10 Mg Wa

The end cap was sand cast according to a model, processed and shipped to the customer.


2120 mm x 1425 mm x 55 mm
1120 kg

Sealing ring
The ring was cast in G-CuSn 12 according to a model. It is being used in the hydrostatic bearing of a large press.


very dense structure
fine grained and homogeneous structure
production of thick-walled, cylindrical cast blanks
high pysical properties
from small to large (ca. 60-70mm to ca. 2500-3000mm)
individual production dimensions without model or fixture costs
single items and medium series
production in all common DIN EN alloys possible
good machinability


We are able to supply centrifugally cast bushings and rings up to a diameter of more than 2,500 mm and a length of up to 1,500 mm in all bronze alloys pre-turned and finish-machined. Bushings and segments in this dimension can also be supplied with solid lubricant (WABRO®). Machining can be carried out on carousel lathes with up to 3,000 mm turning diameter or head lathes with up to 5,000 mm diameter. Lengths of up to 4,000 mm can also be carried out without any problems. Dimensional checks can be carried out in a suitable measuring room.

We have special qualifications in the supply of large centrifugal castings in high lead content materials, such as Gz CuPb 15 Sn or 10 Sn in excellent quality. We also supply base bushings, stuffing boxes, guide bushings, sliding bushings, liners and eccentric inserts, bearing shells, tilting bearings and segments for mill bearings.

Due to our decades of experience in this product segment, we are in a position to provide you with competent advice on the selection of the most suitable material for your application and the execution of your respective project.

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