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BORNEBUSCH has been trading in industry products for over 30 years. During this time we have built up a large and reliable network of suppliers. This is how we guarantee excellent quality for our customers, reliable delivery times and economic prices.


Medium hard multi-alloy tin bronze for normal and high stressed slide bearings. Is to be used with non-hardened structural steel, surface hardened steel and also possible with slide edge pressing. Good emergency running properties, seawater resistant.

Lead Bronze

Soft layer material with very good sliding and emergency running properties during temporary lack of lubricant and water lubrication. Bearings with very high surface pressures, where strong edge pressure can occur. Unsuitable at operating temperatures over 120 degrees.

Tin Bronze

Better corrosion resistance than the tin bronzes with low tin content. Higher strength and very good sliding properties, good cold formability, easily soluble. Sliding elements, sliding bearings (in particular thin-walled) and sliding guides. Highly stressed worm wheels and gears, bolts and screws.


Main alloy for machining, "drilling- and turning-quality" for automatic machining. Turning parts of all kinds. Good hot formability. Die forging. Poor cold formability.


Easy castable and hardenable material, has low density and good machinability. Best malleable hot and cold, it is also suitable for various processes for example soldering and welding.

Gunmetal Tin Bronze

Hard tin bronze with high wear resistance and good emergency running properties. More difficult to machine than leaded tin bronze. Due to the high hardness and wear resistance, surface-hardened shafts are recommended and the highest surface quality is required. Edge pressing must be avoided. Corrosion and seawater resistant.

Aluminium Bronze

Construction material with high strength values, resistant in cold and even hot sea water. Very good heat resistance. Very good fatigue strength in air and seawater. Very good cavitation and corrosion resistance, highly resilient with good wear resistance. Good lubrication required for sliding loads. Very good pressure tighness. Very easy to weld. Highly stressed slide bearings and worm rims. Worm and helical gears at the highest tooth pressures. Superheated steam fittings, fittings for aggressive waters, water pump housing, chemical industry, shipbuilding.

Special Brass

Construction material with high strength. Good resistance against atmospheric corrosion, slightly aggresive water and also against gases and oil corrosion. For high demands on sliding loads, high wear resistance. Medium machinability. Structural parts in mechanical engineering, plain bearing, valve guide, gear parts and piston rings.


High electrical conductivity when soft, applications in swich gear construction, generell use in electrical engineering, if there´re no requirements for hydrogen resistance.

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