Sintered bearings

We sell oil-soaked sintered bearings as bearing bushes. They are completely maintenance-free and self-lubricating construction elements with high operational reliability and performance.


Technical information on slide bearings made of sintered bronze

Characteristic for these elements is the make-up of the material, with its microscopic pores, in which liquid (30 % vol. oil) or solid lubricant (MOS 2) is injected. Typical raw materials here are Sint-A50, Sint-A51 and Sint-B50.

Main usages for sintered bearings

High friction velocity with little strain.

The slide bearings – cylindrical as well as collar bearings – are available in a large number of dimensions and are shipped from our storage ready-to-install.

Raw material for sintered parts like slide bearings, bushed or other formed components is metal powder made of iron, bronze or other metals. These powders are formed to parts under high-pressure conditions and then sintered. During sintering, the parts are warmed up to a temperature close to the melting point. The material particles melt together due to softening during this procedure.

The bearing bushes are produced according to DIN 1850 Part 3 standards. They can be shipped according to our list; Special sizes and parts according to technical drawings can be produced on request.


In addition to this, we deliver solid pieces made of sintered bronze and graphite bronze up to 80mm Ø and length respectively (special sizes on demand) for further processing, as well as sintered bronze silencers.

Installation instructions

Installation has to be done very carefully, since porose bearings can be deformed quite easily. Pressing in should only be done using an arbor press, since that is the only way to stay in line with limits of accuracy.

Storage guidelines

Self-lubricating bearings contain around 30 percent oil in volume. Storing them wrong, for example on wood, in paper or cardboard boxes, can result in a loss of oil. Please keep the bearings in aluminium foil or in their plastic bags until they are installed. In doing so, you protect the bearings from dust and other hazards at the same time.


Silent operation
Low wear
Low maintenance costs
High operational reliability
No dripping oil


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